Told you there was no  order to this, this is an early attempt last year 2014 at using acrylics, painted on acrylic paper from one of my original photo art pictures.




Still Dancing

Continuing on the dance theme at art class this week we have been working up our sketches, adding a little colour and thinking about composition for a final image, I might perhaps do something like this.

20150321_134149 copy

20150321_134249 copy


So I thought it would be good to get some teaching in, signed up for art classes.

First week we discuss dance and movement, looked at stuff by Matisse, Rodin, Degas, Roseman, Walkowitz, Nevisson and Lewis. The second week a belly dancer joins us, not really drawn from life before and here is a moving subject just had to go with the flow, it was fun, not a subject I would have chosen but that’s what its all about challenging yourself.

20150321_134001 copy

20150321_134026 copy

20150321_133901 copy

20150321_133810 copy

20150321_133738 copy

20150321_133549 copy

20150321_133613 copy

20150321_133642 copy

20150321_133711 copy


No real order  to any of this  just going to post my practising and progress pictures, trying to learn how to use acrylic paint, how to paint, what approach to take, everything really.

20150117_170824 copy

20150126_203138 copy

20150128_220633 copy

20150129_205859 copy

20150131_125148 copy

20150225_175037 copy

Starting out being creative

I have put my camera down and picked up some paint brushes, not sure where this is going to take me, lets see as I share good and bad here.

2015-09-21 16.37.41Started  out with some  pencils now I seam to have amassed a  load of stuff art just drags you in.