Keep on at it

2015-06-03 17.19.04

I thought I had got my act together with this painting lark, but my latest efforts have not gone so well, three attempts at this image and I finally have something I am starting to be pleased with. As I said good and bad here is my progress with this.2015-05-13 19.56.57

2015-05-18 20.43.27

2015-05-23 12.36.08Trying too hard so painted it out and  started again.2015-05-23 16.21.07A bit bigger in the frame this time, didn’t take any progress shots  but ended up painting it out.2015-05-29 15.06.29

2015-05-29 16.45.18

2015-06-01 16.39.33

2015-05-31 16.38.36

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