Baroque Adornments

This week we looked at body adornments and jewellery,  working from the art work of artist Azza al qubaisi .

I started with a piece of jewellery and ended up with a piece of baroque design not sure its a finished piece, but it was fun and interesting to do.

I learnt something too if you are using water colours and charcoal don’t use any fixative until you have finished.

2015-09-29 08.13.52    2015-09-29 08.12.142015-09-29 08.12.512015-09-29 08.13.312015-09-28 17.34.202015-10-01 17.08.14 2015-10-01 17.09.39

Back at art class

Good to be back at art-class this terms class is about adornments and we have started with Angie Lewin as inspiration for natures adornment.a few ideas l have been working on.

2015-09-22 22.31.562015-09-21 16.37.552015-09-21 16.38.05

Didn’t feel right

You know how some times things don’t feel right, well that’s what  happened with my painting Rose, out came the big brush and she was gone, to be replaced by a another portrait.

A few in progress pictures I am sure this will not be getting the big brush treatment.2015-09-11 14.21.49

2015-09-04 18.55.45 2015-09-04 15.37.372015-09-02 20.08.34