First canvas

Back at art-class for the second half of the term and we are painting on canvas, I have tried acrylic paper and canvas boards but actual canvas is  yet another level. I am learning the surface you paint on is as important as the paint and the  brushes  you choose to use.

Open  subject,  so I  selected a  self-portrait and the style of Peter Howson one of my favourite artists.

2015-11-13 16.54 2015-11-13 16.48

2 thoughts on “First canvas

  1. Hey Jeff, Was wondering what you were up to, having not seen you at OPS this season, ….guess I now know! Looks like you are doing some good stuff, enjoying the Selfie on Canvas (!) and the Grayson Perry portrait. 🙂
    Hope all is well, Julian.


    1. Hi Julian NIce of you to comment yes I am trying to escape computers, hope you are keeping up the photography you need somthing creative in your life. Thanks again for your comments.


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