Finally my Bowie picture is finished, I have been trying to work out how to best photograph my art, canvas has a great texture but it catches the light from every direction.

Finding an evenly lit room and a location out of any direct light is working best, tripod and timed shutter release so you get hand free works well too.

As you can see the wet ear that I was struggling with has dried out, I had some cracking that is down to not following the fat on lean rule, like everything, lesson learned.

img1665 copy.jpg

Plein Air

Another first for me as my Art class goes outdoors for the summer. I spent a pleasant few hours sat in front of an old door enjoying the open air and messing with water colours, inspired I have been painting at home in the garden trying some different approaches to get a feel for what works for me, I enjoyed painting wet in wet but ended up with a bit of a muddy mess. I just need to learn from those disasters.