Too Long

Seems like I have taken forever painting this picture, I am putting it down as finished and going to start another project. Makes me think I should have couple of things on the go at one time but this might just bring even more confusion to my muddled brain.

So for now it’s coming down off my easel and here’s for a new beginning whatever that might be!

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Scottish National Gallery

Spent some time up in Scotland getting wet and taking in the scenery, we visited Edinburgh and the Scottish National Gallery loads of inspiration there to take away.

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BP Portrait Awards 2016

Took a trip down to London town to see the PB Portraits Awards at the National Portrait Gallery.

Lots of inspiring images and talented artist, gives you a real perspective of just how far you have got to go with your own art.

Not sure I agreed with the winning selection but like all art there is a lot of opinion out there.

For me the winning picture was painted by Jean-Paul Tibbles of his son Jean, A striking picture that grabbed your attention, in close second for me was the picture by Stephen Earl Rogers of his Nephew Haydn, taking its inspiration for the opening scene of the film Goodfellas it had a wonderful cinematic feel to it.

P1070937 copy

P1070946 copy

As there was no restrictions on picture taking this year I guess its got too hard to police folks and their phones , here are a few of the other paintings I liked.

P1070939 copy

P1070942 copyP1070943 copyP1070947 copyP1070949 copy