Yes its come to this, I am now painting flowers! It’s all part of my art class as we explore still life and sophisticated primitives. Flowers floating in water so there was a nice little twist that turned out very challenging.

Quick sketch with watercolours and gouache in class and a longer study using acrylics, I am going to try some acrylic gloss with this to see if it enhances the feeling of the water.


Finished for now…

This has been interesting to paint working from acrylics to oils worked really well, thanks to cuckoo on Instagram for his advice.

The white stripe in the background started out as a good idea but just took over the picture, I ended up toning it down, a lot better I think.

2016-08-19 15.48.05 copy2016-08-19 16.27.29 copy

New approach

Started my painting of John Lydon never really thought it wouldn’t end up being a painting.  taking a couple of new approaches to this, first I am going to spoil the canvas before I start, the idea behind this is it takes the pressure of starting with a pristine canvas and allows you to relax before you start.

Second I am going to do the underpainting in acrylics and then move to oils, this has speeded up my process and is keeping things very fresh.  Not sure how long to wait before starting with the oils have to look that one up.

2016-08-05 16.37.42 copy2016-08-05 17.35.56 copy2016-08-05 20.28.26 copy

Next Project Perhaps

Watched Lynn Barber interview John Lyden on Artsnight the other night, fascinating to see  at 60, how motivated to make music and have his say about the world he still is.

I liked the idea that he now wears glasses and how this has changed his public image

Sketching some ideas and trying to understand his face this might lead to a painting.


Trying again.

I went to a lecture by a local artist this week, Sue Graham and she was talking about how we all progress and about how our styles develop and change. I am not sure I have a style yet but I feel more confident about my painting, I was inspired to pick up an old unfinished picture and rework it, making for another pleasing day pushing the paint around.


New year and I am juggling stuff not in a hurried or panic way , just what do I do next. My maharaja that got the big paint over is now a  portrait that seams to have stalled, I have started a sort of Mona Lisa picture and started a new life drawing class, all a bit scary but enjoyable.

2016-01-06 19.17.232015-12-22 19.07.14 2016-01-06 17.02.44





Credit card paint

Dropped into a preview exhibition of portraits by Eleanor Johnson at a local gallery, some  wonderful paintings made with such a carefree approach big wide brushes and running paint scratches and squeegee type strokes, I was well impressed and inspired.

not really having room for a 6 foot square canvas and a place to throw paint around I  put my brushes down and pushed the paint around with  my credit card.

definitely need to think about how to work with more freedom and mess.

2015-12-11 20.36 copy


Continuing to paint on canvas and on the suggestion of our tutor I looked  up Caravaggio who she felt must have  been a influence to Peter Howson, looking at his work I had to agree, so  good old Google lead me to  this striking self-portrait titled the “Desperate man”.  a self portrait and some incredible lighting it seamed a good continuation of my theme.

so now its  finished I find out its not a self portrait of Caravaggio  but a self portrait of another artist Gustave Coubet who produced some equally remarkable paintings. still an enjoyable picture  to paint.

2015-11-13 16.54

I am still using acrylics  but this time building up thin layers

2015-11-13 16.48

2015-11-21 09.04.30

2015-11-27 16.17.37

First canvas

Back at art-class for the second half of the term and we are painting on canvas, I have tried acrylic paper and canvas boards but actual canvas is  yet another level. I am learning the surface you paint on is as important as the paint and the  brushes  you choose to use.

Open  subject,  so I  selected a  self-portrait and the style of Peter Howson one of my favourite artists.

2015-11-13 16.54 2015-11-13 16.48

Something completely different


Half term at our art class and we were supposed to develop our Maharajahs, I planed an idea but it lost its way in the execution so didn’t get finished, now it’s something completely different.2015-10-27 20.23.242015-10-31 15.53.33