Back with Alice and  her art class, always challenging us to do new stuff .

We are looking at stories art and illustrations this term started with a fancy letter and thinking about using words in our art.



Last Class

My last life drawing class this week, 10 weeks and I feel I have made some progress, I know what side of the easel to stand on, I have a better understanding of shape and size, learning to look at the outside and inside shapes and using different features as reference throughout the drawing.

My use of charcoal has moved on but still it’s not subtle enough (more practice)

Here is a bit of a lookback-

2016-03-16 16.03.322016-03-04 13.20.132016-03-04 13.18.542016-02-10 16.02.222016-02-10 16.03.232016-02-10 16.03.062016-02-07 15.38.132016-01-15 14.06.532016-01-06 17.02.44


Burnt stick charcoal

I have been struggling with line and tone in my portraits with everything feeling very drawn and too dark.

Today I tried using some burnt stick charcoal instead of my usual compressed charcoal.

In fact I used both and my charcoal pencil, feels like a step forward, thanks to Minnie Ashley for her wonderful source picture.

2016-03-05 17.36.272016-03-05 13.39.082016-03-05 15.33.38





Lesson 2

Lesson 2 of Will Kemps painting a black and white portrait in oils and I am re-establishing the shadows and adding the highlights, this according to Will is all about seeing and appreciating the shapes and form in the subject without getting into the detail, I must admit I do feel ready to move onto lesson 3 but as I am learning, with oils you have to wait.

Another tip I picked up is to make a sketch of your painting again thinking about the tones and shapes so I have done that, after getting a few things really wrong it’s something I will better understand in my painting hopefully getting them right.

2016-02-20 14.25.432016-02-22 20.22.06


The last couple of weeks we have been drawing our model Ruby. Starting with a few quick 4 min sketches, apart from settling you into the class my efforts continue to be a bit hit and miss.

I am trying to use more tone and less line, it feels as if it’s the right approach.

2016-02-07 15.38.132016-02-10 16.02.222016-02-10 16.03.062016-02-10 16.03.23


Trying some different toned textured paper for this picture of my son, it’s a close likeness, I just think its missing something, not really sure what that might be, perhaps more tone and less line.

2016-02-01 14.46.272016-02-01 14.47.20


Kieth Richards has a wonderful lived in face and I am sure he has lived. As we mortals look on his face makes a good subject for todays practice.2016-02-01 10.44.59


After spending so much time looking in class and not seeing,  as soon as you  grid it out and draw it’s obvious where your mistakes are.

Actually I was not far off  head and body fine and the width of the shoulders just the length of the upper arms and the angle of the fore arms.

Anyways pleased with my Homework and looking forward to our next class.2016-01-29 08.40.352016-01-29 08.41.11

Struggling and Learning

Struggling this week at class, I thought a straight on pose might be good and spent most of the class struggling with the arms of our model; they ended up without hands which I need to practice to an all-round unsuccessful sketch. So I took a couple of reference pictures and gridded them up for some homework.2016-01-27 16.27.09


This weeks class

At my class this week we had an Interesting subject, a Sikh gentleman who had some wacky armour.

After sorting out which side of the easel you should stand I put my new charcoal skills to the test a couple of 10 minute poses and a third made for an interesting night.

I think my charcoal sketches are more successful than my pencil efforts I now need to start thinking about the composition.

2016-01-20 16.26.062016-01-20 16.28.06