America after the fall

Had a trip down to sunny London to catch the exhibition at the Royal Academy “America after the fall” before it all finished to make way for the Summer exhibition.

Took the audio guide to learn about the pictures how they fitted into the exhibition and some background on the artists, My real reason in going was to see Grant Woods American Gothic, it was a great surprise to see his other work especially Daughters of revolution which I thought was as wonderful picture full of satire and hidden meaning.

Art weeks

Artweeks is coming to Oxford  going to get round a few places this year to soak up some inspiration.

artweeks 2017 oxford


Ceramics it’s not just pots

Visited Waddesdon Manor and Kate Malone’s Ceramic exhibition, all inspired by Waddesdon its history and the surrounding landscape. I was very surprised it was a wonderful collection of work that looked really tactile, if you get the opportunity it’s worth a visit.

Summer Exhibition 2016



After visiting the BP Portrait awards it would have been rude not to go to the Summer Exhibition, always loads of different, strange and unusual art there, I was a little disappointed this year as many of the works I thought stood out, were from previous exhibitors, I might take a break from visiting to avoid the repeatability of some of the work.

Still loads of good stuff to inspire, You have to pick a favourites don’t you, so Marleen Suzanne de Graaf Swamp light and Andrew Mcintosh RA! Get my vote.

P1070986 copyP1070965 copyP1070975 copyP1070963 copyP1070961 copy

P1070982 copyP1070979 copy


Scottish National Gallery

Spent some time up in Scotland getting wet and taking in the scenery, we visited Edinburgh and the Scottish National Gallery loads of inspiration there to take away.

P1070658 copyP1070669 copyP1070675 copyP1070676 copyP1070677 copyP1070678 copyP1070681 copyP1070684 copyP1070690 copyP1070694 copy

BP Portrait Awards 2016

Took a trip down to London town to see the PB Portraits Awards at the National Portrait Gallery.

Lots of inspiring images and talented artist, gives you a real perspective of just how far you have got to go with your own art.

Not sure I agreed with the winning selection but like all art there is a lot of opinion out there.

For me the winning picture was painted by Jean-Paul Tibbles of his son Jean, A striking picture that grabbed your attention, in close second for me was the picture by Stephen Earl Rogers of his Nephew Haydn, taking its inspiration for the opening scene of the film Goodfellas it had a wonderful cinematic feel to it.

P1070937 copy

P1070946 copy

As there was no restrictions on picture taking this year I guess its got too hard to police folks and their phones , here are a few of the other paintings I liked.

P1070939 copy

P1070942 copyP1070943 copyP1070947 copyP1070949 copy

Blue paper, chalk and ink

Visited a wonderful exhibition at the Ashmoleam museum, it was  interesting to see  how the old masters worked, I certainly need to try some blue paper, chalk and ink drawing .


An added bonus was the complementary exhibition of drawings by Jenny Saville , I love her work so full of movement and passion.


Arborealists: the Art of Trees

Visited this exhibition at Mottisfont a National Trust property and gallery with some very interesting talks by the artists loads of new artist for me to explore.

Capture19 September – 15 November 11am – 5pm

Our new exhibition celebrates the art of trees through paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture this autumn. Created especially for us, ‘Arborealists: the Art of Trees’ draws on a rich tradition of the tree as a vital subject for art.

Trees have proved an important source of artistic inspiration for centuries. From John Constable to David Hockney, artists have employed the largest plant on earth as a metaphor, symbol, decoration and stylistic device.

A new group of contemporary artists called the Arborealists are now adding fresh work to this tradition. Following a highly successful exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol, the Arborealists are creating a unique show for Mottisfont, which will include new work exhibited for the first time.

Full list of appearing artists: Robert Amesbury-Brookes, Jemma Appleby, Ann Arnold, Graham Arnold, Mary Anne Aytoun-Ellis, Jo Barry, Philippa Beale, John Blandy, Hannah Brown, Peter Clossick, Gary Colclough, Marcus Cornish, Tim Craven, Dalschaert and Brandy, Michelle Dovey, Kurt Jackson, Abi Kremer, Ffiona Lewis, Hannah Maybank, Fiona McIntyre, Alexander Pemberton, Howard Phipps, Michael Porter, Julian Perry, Nick Schlee, Celia de Serra, Lesley Slight, Angela Summerfield, John Surplice and Lizzie Sykes.

Oxford Art Prize

Oxford art prize is held in my home town, artist are given a location and a set window to go out and make sketches etc and produce a piece of work for the competition, We took a walk around the two galleries and here are a few snaps.

P1070046 copy

P1070043 copy

P1070044 copy

P1070045 copy  P1070047 copy

P1070049 copy

P1070050 copy

Summer Exhibition 2015

Had a day down in that there London visiting the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy,  we dropped in to the National Portrait Gallery to see the BP Portrait Awards2015 a art filled day, soaking up all the wonderful images and art.

Posting a few of my favourites from the Summer Exhibition this year.

P1060939 copy

P1060935 copy

P1060923 copy

P1060919 copy

P1060917 copy

P1060916 copy

P1060915 copy

P1060914 copy

P1060913 copy

P1060908 copy

P1060907 copy