Starting back at art class, we are looking at tone, first we made a sketch picking out the different tones in the picture, then using 2 colours we made painting sketches again looking at tone and not colour. I started with Ultramarine blue and red making some nice  purple  mid tones. I thought the blue would be the darkest but  settled on the red for my second sketch.

Working with our own picture we repeated the exercise this time I used green and magenta for my Glastonbury Tor image, do you think magenta cows will catch on.








No art class today so I’m having a go at watercolour made a bit of a muddy mess at the last class, this is a little what have I learnt, use the right paper, cartridge paper just soaks up the paint and the colour no chance to wash it around or blot it out, must be some saying about the right tools.




Still Dancing

Continuing on the dance theme at art class this week we have been working up our sketches, adding a little colour and thinking about composition for a final image, I might perhaps do something like this.

20150321_134149 copy

20150321_134249 copy