Value Line Texture Form Colour Space


Last term my art group looked at the 6 elements of art, how they are used and how they work together in art, we all took different motifs to illustrate them, some good learning  to think about when making art.



As part of our art class theme adornment we have been working with a set of pictures by Deen Dayal of Maharajahs, I  was keen to  put my pencil down and have a go with a Biro, also to work at a smaller scale, nothing like challenging yourself.

2015-10-22 17.15.54 2015-10-19 20.26.142015-10-21 17.20.02


Scribbling in my sketchbook, this is an interesting way to sketch  fast and free, not sure if it works but might be something to try and develop.2015-08-15 07.50.26

2015-08-15 07.50.43

2015-08-15 07.51.58