Something completely different


Half term at our art class and we were supposed to develop our Maharajahs, I planed an idea but it lost its way in the execution so didn’t get finished, now it’s something completely different.2015-10-27 20.23.242015-10-31 15.53.33


Blue and white

This weeks art class we looked at  blue and white china, the Willow pattern and the work of Grayson Perry. we started just painting from the Willow pattern with the aim to develop a twist on the theme, I don’t think my head was in the right place for this and It didn’t really go anywhere, later I worked on a few ideas and  considered making a twist on the  Japanese wave.

I put it all down and started to look a bit deeper at Grayson Perry s work, I liked his twist on blue and white using yellow and I liked  how he uses text in his work, so  one thing followed another and I made a portrait  of him.

2015-10-08 19.07.072015-10-08 19.07.292015-10-08 19.07.562015-10-08 19.08.32

A shout for Will Kemp

Ever since I started this painting lark, I have been looking for sites on the internet that give good advice, I have found many sites but  Will Kemp art school is just brilliant great writing humour and so much info you cannot fail getting started on the right foot.

So if like me you are just starting out get over to Will Kemp Art school

A big thanks to Will for providing this resource.



Wet One

From when I started with Acrylics  last year it has always been an issue to keeping the paint from  drying before I get to put it on the canvas. so after trying a few different ideas this is what  works for me.

I use a  plastic bag to keep the  water out of my worktop with a  piece of folded cloth on top this I drench in water, then I use Reeves tear off pallet its  100% better than the baking paper I was using and lets you use a  knife without tearing.

2015-07-10 12.50.34

2015-07-10 12.51.18

2015-07-10 12.51.53


Thought I would have a go at something with a bit of a storyline instead of just finding a face and painting away.

First I thought I might try using a track of music something from Mr Bowie. while looking up the lyrics I found a connection to the book and film 1984 so using a few stills from the film as reference I developed an idea.

Trying still to keep my painting loose,   scratched out a composition and started to paint.

see my progress as I reworked this a few times to where I am now, finished I think…

2015-08-29 10.14.13

2015-06-28 15.37.57

2015-06-27 16.03.31

2015-06-27 14.45.48

2015-06-27 13.40.37

2015-06-11 20.47.33

2015-06-08 20.24.02

Starting out being creative

I have put my camera down and picked up some paint brushes, not sure where this is going to take me, lets see as I share good and bad here.

2015-09-21 16.37.41Started  out with some  pencils now I seam to have amassed a  load of stuff art just drags you in.