Nudity violence and Surgical procedures

Nudity violence and Surgical procedures, The 2018 RA Summer Exhibition had it all.

This years exhibition was full of strangeness and humour, with some  wonderful juxtapositions that made it all very entertaining.


Summer Exhibition 2016



After visiting the BP Portrait awards it would have been rude not to go to the Summer Exhibition, always loads of different, strange and unusual art there, I was a little disappointed this year as many of the works I thought stood out, were from previous exhibitors, I might take a break from visiting to avoid the repeatability of some of the work.

Still loads of good stuff to inspire, You have to pick a favourites don’t you, so Marleen Suzanne de Graaf Swamp light and Andrew Mcintosh RA! Get my vote.

P1070986 copyP1070965 copyP1070975 copyP1070963 copyP1070961 copy

P1070982 copyP1070979 copy


Summer Exhibition 2015

Had a day down in that there London visiting the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy,  we dropped in to the National Portrait Gallery to see the BP Portrait Awards2015 a art filled day, soaking up all the wonderful images and art.

Posting a few of my favourites from the Summer Exhibition this year.

P1060939 copy

P1060935 copy

P1060923 copy

P1060919 copy

P1060917 copy

P1060916 copy

P1060915 copy

P1060914 copy

P1060913 copy

P1060908 copy

P1060907 copy