sky portrait artist

Visited Compton Verney and the sky art portrait exhibition, great to see the artworks close up getting an idear of scale and styles, remembering some of the pictures from over the years.

I am still impressed by anyone creating portraits in 4 hours.

Avebury Trees

Avebury is a local ancient stone circle , it has a number of burial mounds and clumps of trees scattered all around it, four beach trees stand in one place, and people leave ribbons and things. I have stopped with my sketch book many times enjoying the shelter of these trees, so I thought I would have a go at painting them. Trees are not as simple as you think to paint , I have a new respect for artist that have mastered the tree.

Covid Orb

I wanted to make something to remined me of these covid times, something for the future when we look back and see covid as a thing of the past.


Everything in life seems broken, so it’s fitting that my online art class has picked this as one of it’s topics in it’s collections and treasures theme.

using reference photographs from Museum collections and my wifes old ted.

Garden project

My art class  has been running online classes through lockdown, one of the projects was to explore our gardens making sketchbook  reference pictures with a final piece being a patchwork of our gardens, I made this painting picking  Gustav Klimt as my inspiration for style. not sure I will work out how to frame it.


Along with drawing faces I have been painting them, a big thanks to Raw Umber studios for the reference photos and inspiration.

I am using water based oil paints and canvas sheets from a pad ideal for practicing.


lock down art

No life drawing or  art classes in lock-down I have turned to on-line portrait sessions to get my fix, not quite the same as live but still with the time pressures.

these are from a on-line class run by Rawumber studios on a Sunday starting at 2pm.

Join us if you like share your efforts on instagram #rawumberlive


Paint more

After spending so much time last year drawing, this year I am hoping to paint more, with plenty of opportunities in the current situation I have started some basic paintings.

I hope to improve my approach and use of colour, I am using canvas sheets from a pad and water based oils.

Stay safe and paint more.


Painting by numbers

When I started out trying to paint, I was convinced  someone could instruct me, I spent lots of time trawling through the internet and looking at books.

This term at my art class I was set a project to paint a self portrait from a set of instructions, with materials all mapped out, a step by step guide, just what i had been looking for.

Not sure  it was that successful just confirming what I now know, painting by numbers is a good way to learn but you need to find your own way.

The last few

The last few faces in my 2019 faces sketchbook, now looking for a new project for 2020.