Still Dancing

Continuing on the dance theme at art class this week we have been working up our sketches, adding a little colour and thinking about composition for a final image, I might perhaps do something like this.

20150321_134149 copy

20150321_134249 copy


So I thought it would be good to get some teaching in, signed up for art classes.

First week we discuss dance and movement, looked at stuff by¬†Matisse, Rodin, Degas, Roseman, Walkowitz, Nevisson and Lewis. The second week a belly dancer joins us, not really drawn from life before and here is a moving subject just had to go with the flow, it was fun, not a subject I would have chosen but that’s what its all about challenging yourself.

20150321_134001 copy

20150321_134026 copy

20150321_133901 copy

20150321_133810 copy

20150321_133738 copy

20150321_133549 copy

20150321_133613 copy

20150321_133642 copy

20150321_133711 copy