Too Long

Seems like I have taken forever painting this picture, I am putting it down as finished and going to start another project. Makes me think I should have couple of things on the go at one time but this might just bring even more confusion to my muddled brain.

So for now it’s coming down off my easel and here’s for a new beginning whatever that might be!

2016-07-31 11.54.43 copy20160726_173435 copy2016-06-24 15.33.50 copy2016-06-03 20.39.11 copy


First canvas

Back at art-class for the second half of the term and we are painting on canvas, I have tried acrylic paper and canvas boards but actual canvas is  yet another level. I am learning the surface you paint on is as important as the paint and the  brushes  you choose to use.

Open  subject,  so I  selected a  self-portrait and the style of Peter Howson one of my favourite artists.

2015-11-13 16.54 2015-11-13 16.48


Had a couple of goes  at painting this, not going to post the red mess that was my first attempt. This is a little better getting the process in my head work all over the picture, starting with the darks and slowly adding the layers of detail.20150302_215637





Told you there was no  order to this, this is an early attempt last year 2014 at using acrylics, painted on acrylic paper from one of my original photo art pictures.