The Fighter

Still getting to grips with acrylics first picture using canvas board it is certainly a different experience  no more wrinkled or bowed paper  just an all-round better surface to paint on.

This time I did not grid my image out and sketched with paint trying to get a more spontaneous feel, not sure I got there as I soon found myself concentrating on the detail, something to work on for my next picture.20150429_165125



20150316_175514Credit to Benoit Paillé for the photograph I used as reference.


Starting back at art class, we are looking at tone, first we made a sketch picking out the different tones in the picture, then using 2 colours we made painting sketches again looking at tone and not colour. I started with Ultramarine blue and red making some nice  purple  mid tones. I thought the blue would be the darkest but  settled on the red for my second sketch.

Working with our own picture we repeated the exercise this time I used green and magenta for my Glastonbury Tor image, do you think magenta cows will catch on.








Upfest 2015, Europe’s largest, free, street art & graffiti festival, attracting over 250 artists painting 28 venues throughout Bedminster & Southville, Bristol from 25th – 27th July. Talented artists travel from 25 countries and across the UK to paint live on 30,000sqft of surfaces in front of 25,000 visitors. The affordable art sale, music stages and art workshops round off a visually spectacular weekend! This looks good if your into street art


Had a couple of goes  at painting this, not going to post the red mess that was my first attempt. This is a little better getting the process in my head work all over the picture, starting with the darks and slowly adding the layers of detail.20150302_215637





No art class today so I’m having a go at watercolour made a bit of a muddy mess at the last class, this is a little what have I learnt, use the right paper, cartridge paper just soaks up the paint and the colour no chance to wash it around or blot it out, must be some saying about the right tools.