Trying again.

I went to a lecture by a local artist this week, Sue Graham and she was talking about how we all progress and about how our styles develop and change. I am not sure I have a style yet but I feel more confident about my painting, I was inspired to pick up an old unfinished picture and rework it, making for another pleasing day pushing the paint around.

Charcoal and Watercolour

This week I have been messing with charcoal and water colour, sketching out another slightly surreal illustration for my strawberry tale, I think this is a little closer to the darker feeling of Jeremy Hush paintings and my starting inspiration.

2016-05-19 19.49.382016-05-19 19.49.282016-05-19 19.49.55





Still working on our fables theme we are now creating lino cut prints as part of this project, yet another thing I have not done before and definitely something I am going to revisit.

So we started with our designs. I sketched a few ideas around the Strawberry fable then we made a lino cut, this week we made our first prints.